Gov. Wolf Six Months Too Late to Release Funds, Says Lancaster House Republican Delegation
HARRISBURG – The Lancaster County Republican Delegation today expressed deep disappointment in Gov. Tom Wolf’s inability to accept compromise during his first year in elected office.

The Lancaster County Republican Delegation – State Reps. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom), Mindy Fee (R-Manheim), Keith J. Greiner (R-Upper Leacock), Dave Hickernell (R-West Donegal), Steve Mentzer (R-Lititz), Brett Miller (R-East Hempfield) and Dave Zimmerman (R-East Earl) – issued the following statement on Gov. Wolf’s line-item veto:

“Today Gov. Wolf finally came to his senses and chose to release critical funding to school districts, human service agencies, and counties that have been struggling without funding since his complete budget veto on June 30. He is six months too late in his decision, despite our efforts. Gov. Wolf could have exercised his line-item veto authority back in June, which would have saved schools and non-profits from additional financial strain. He owns the effects of this budget impasse.

“Gov. Wolf cut nearly $100 million in funding to agricultural programs and also made cuts to the Commonwealth’s tourism budget. These two sectors are the largest industries in Pennsylvania and are central to Lancaster County’s economy. These cuts must be reversed and we would ask our colleagues to support our efforts as further budget discussions continue.

“The budget we sent Gov. Wolf included an additional $400 million in K-12 education spending, a far cry from the “cuts” that he is insisting were made. This budget made historic investments in education spending and it is now Gov. Wolf, using his line-item veto, who has cut money from Pennsylvania’s schools.

“We will continue to support a fiscally responsible budget that respects the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.”

Lancaster County House Republican Delegation
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Eric Reath