Indoor Smoking Ban Going into Effect, Says Hickernell
State Rep. Dave Hickernell is reminding Pennsylvania smokers that a statewide ban on smoking in public places will go into effect on Thursday, Sept. 11.
The newly enacted legislation bans smoking in most public places and workplaces. Office buildings, restaurants and theaters are just a few facilities covered by the ban.
However, several exceptions are included in the law to permit smoking in up to 25 percent of a casino floor, in private membership clubs that are at least 10 years old and whose officers vote to permit smoking, in cigar bars, in 25 percent of motel and hotel rooms, in private homes, in tobacco shops and manufacturing facilities and in smaller “mom and pop” taverns where food sales do not exceed 20 percent of total revenue.
The Department of Health is leading a coalition of state agencies responsible for various aspects of the new law to develop a standardized and consistent approach to the implementation, assessment of compliance and enforcement. 
For more information, visit Hickernell’s Web site at and click on “Clean Indoor Air Act.”
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