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Natural Gas Pipeline Info
Proposed Lancaster County Pipeline Information:

There is currently a proposal to build a gas pipeline through Lancaster County, a portion of which would pass through part of the 98th District. I have put together this brief web page to help you better understand the stated goal of this project, where it stands in the federal process of being finalized and how to make your voice heard in the pipeline process.

Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline:

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline is a proposal by the Williams Companies Inc. to build 178 miles of new natural gas pipeline to connect existing pipelines in the northern Marcellus Shale regions of the state with an existing line in southern Lancaster County. Williams says this would improve the flow of natural gas to the southern United States and reduce the cost for natural gas customers throughout the eastern United States. This project is in very early permitting stages with federal regulators, and if all applications and permit requirements are met, construction could begin sometime in 2017.

While under the current proposal none of the gas in the pipeline would be directly distributed to Pennsylvania residents, it is possible that tap lines or extensions for Pennsylvania residents could occur in the future.

Map of Proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline
Map of Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Proposal in Lancaster County 

Keep in Mind - This is a Federal Issue

Although I am the State Representative for one of the areas the proposed pipeline would pass through, since the agency involved is a federal agency, the proposed pipeline is really a federal issue, not a state issue over which I would have a bit more influence and control. As such, my goal is to make sure everyone is aware of the proper agencies and persons whom to contact in order to communicate with those who can actually influence the process. In keeping with that goal, the best advice I can give is for all concerned landowners to share any concerns and questions with their members of Congress – our U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives – and provide comments during the public comment period through the provided link.

What’s next?

The Williams group has hosted multiple public hearings on the proposals as they continue to finalize what they believe is the best possible path for the pipeline. The plan does not have a finalized path yet, which is one of the reasons FERC is asking for public input. Williams will likely hold additional public meetings in the future. FERC will start its own public hearing process as it works to verify the safety, impact and effectiveness of Williams’ proposals.

As I become aware of new information on additional hearings, and other updates on the proposed pipelines, I'll post them here. Continue to check this website in the months to come for details as they become available.

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